Welcome To OC Film Company

Think about the films that have really touched you. More than simply entertaining you, they inspired you to change your thinking, your beliefs — even your behavior. That’s the kind of films we strive to make.

OC Film Company was founded on the Christian principles of Faith, Hope, and Love.

We are documentary filmmakers on a mission: to inspire change. We believe everyone has an important story to tell when given the opportunity. We believe change can happen by really hearing and understanding each other.

In 2013, we released our first documentary film called What Men Really Want. This popular topic definitely gets people thinking and talking. In the film, we challenged men to dig deep, and you’ll be AMAZED at what they have to say when they open up and share their hearts! Click here to watch it.

In January 2015, we started production on a new sex trafficking documentary detailing the attempts of different men and women to rescue victims of sex trafficking. We are focusing on the Atlanta metro area and the people who are “on the street” trying to make a difference.

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