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Fighting for Hope, a documentary film, coming 2016
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Think about the films that have really moved you, the films that have touched your heart. More than simply entertaining you, they inspired you to change your thinking, behavior — even your understanding of the world. That’s the kind of films we strive to make.

OC Film Company was founded on the Christian principles of Faith, Hope, and Love. We are documentary filmmakers on a mission: to inspire change. We believe everyone has an important story to tell when given the opportunity. We believe change can happen by truly hearing and understanding each other. With these guiding principles, we and we strive to make films to that end: inspiring, entertaining, and life-changing.

Bill Collins, founder of OC Film Company, LLC, is an independent filmmaker, specializing in documentary films and plays an active part in all roles involving the creation of films for OC Film Company. Bill directed and co-produced his first feature length documentary film in 2013. This award-winning film “What Men Really Want” has garnered high praise and outstanding reviews. Bill is also the director for his current project to be released in 2016, “Fighting for Hope”, a feature length documentary film about sex trafficking in Atlanta’s suburbs and the individuals and organizations fighting against this despicable, criminal act. Bill Collins’ passion is to make a difference in the world through his films by telling compelling, inspiring stories that have a meaningful and unforgettable impact in people’s lives.
Trayce Pearson is a Film Producer for OC Film Company Documentary Films and a Certified Life Coach specializing in Relationships. Trayce is the Executive Producer and Co-Producer for the documentary film “What Men Really Want”. She also creates and hosts programs for building healthy, happy, lasting relationships. Her passion is to inspire, guide and touch people’s lives through Documentary Films, Coaching and Relationship programs.

Leah Clement is a producer and impact producer who has a passion for at-risk populations. As producer of Fighting for Hope, she is able to shed light on the detestable criminal trade of sex trafficking and forced prostitution.

Leah has a particular interest in ending sex trafficking, as she is a life-long resident of metro Atlanta. Additionally, Leah teaches weekly at a women’s residential drug and alcohol treatment program and is a front line vocalist at her church.

Leah lives in Stone Mountain with her husband, their two sons, and her many animals.