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What Men Really Want – The Maternal Touch!

February 8, 2014

What Men Really Want – The Maternal Touch

What Men Really Want You would think that there is some science to what men really want, however, this if furthest from the truth. Believe it or not, men are not too different from little boys. They just are a grown up version of themselves when they were younger. Think back to your son, brother, cousin etc., at the age of 2, 3, or 5 years old. What do you remember?

At this time in their young lives everything was about getting the biggest, the best and the most. To top it all off, although they loved their fathers for teaching them things, the love for their mother was more prominent in their earlier years. They would gravitate towards their mother for comfort and yearned for that maternal touch only a mother could give. And, although throughout their lives they will come to stand on their own two feet, they will always yearn for that mother’s touch. This is where you come in as a woman. You will have to find a way to give them this tenderly love without smothering them or taking their manhood away from them.

This can be quite difficult to balance and quite frankly in this day and age, where women are more independent, head strong and have that “don’t need a man attitude” it is very much non-existent in their vocabulary.

So how do we actually cater to our men?
We treat them as we would anyone under the age of 5 but minus the baby talk! So ladies that means…. We hug them. We kiss their foreheads. We prepare their favorite foods. We listen to them when they come through the door after a hard day’s work, irrespective on how they emit their feelings. Although this may seem somewhat dated, compare the marriage statistics now to when your parents/grandparents etc. we’re married. Whether you want to admit to it or not, they catered to their men.

A man will choose someone who is maternal over everything else in their significant other, more so than a woman who is physically stunning to look at. Of course catering to your man is not always as practically as on paper, especially when you put other things into the mix e.g. children, job stresses etc. However, try not to forget that you made a commitment to each other in front of the Lord, to love and to cherish. Provided that you meet the needs of your man, he will and/or should meet your needs as a woman.

Difference between being maternal and treating him right
Many individuals get confused between the two and will think that by “buying” a man gifts will somewhat equate to getting their love. If you choose to get in touch with your maternal side it is not something that can be bought or forced. There has to be a mutual understanding and respect between two people in the relationship. More than anything there has to be a desire and a want – a mutual harmony between the two spirits. This can only come together if you find someone that also matches your own need. No women will want to take that extra step towards pleasing their man if they are not getting something in return from them.

Why not switch up your game plan today. Want to know what men really want? Just that maternal touch!

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