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What Men really want in a woman?

February 17, 2014

What Men really want in a woman?

what men really want in a woman what men really want in a woman – We all know that every man may look for different physicality in a woman when deciding on who they may want to date, however it takes a special type of woman to stand apart from the rest. That makes him want to get to know them on another level. So, what exactly do men really want in a woman? Read on below:

How independent are you?

A woman that is independent can be a huge turn on for a guy. As it is a good platform to see how well they can manage their own household and will reverberate into keeping “their” future household in tip top shape. However, there is definitely a balance that needs to be kept in terms of being independent but feminine and nurturing at the same time.

A secure man will never be intimidated by a woman’s independence and/or successes. He will be right by her side to celebrate these joyous occasions with her; however, he needs to also know that there is still some space for him in her life when he needs her. Therefore, do not think that you need to drop any and everything to be with a man. Still have your own things going nevertheless a woman will make time for her partner to give him that desired attention he will also need.

Are you emotionally mature?

This is a big deciding point within any relationship. Not just from the man’s perspective, but also for women. In an ideal world no-one would ever have any disagreements/arguments. Everyone would get along like a house on fire and just live happily ever after! Back to the real world – FACT people do not always see eye to eye. Disagreements are bound to happen and they can intensify greatly if two people want to get their points across, and sometimes at the expense of the others feelings. Part of fighting fair and respectfully is making sure it is being done in an authentic and non-threatening way. Being emotionally mature!

This can at times be more difficult for women as more often than not, they are led by their emotions and before you know it a disagreement has turned into a whole other argument that has nothing to do with the initial disagreement. The situation becomes more about how a man may have made “her feel”. But take the feelings away and the situation still exists.

So ladies, put your cool hat on from time to time, try to take the emotions out of an argument and you will get a much better result out of your man as well as a solution to a problem that you may be experiencing.

No nagging please…..

One of the biggest pet peeves for men is the nagging that one signs up for when they decide to take things further with any women. Why have you left the toilet seat up? Why did you drop your clothes on the floor? Etc.

The fact is most women sometimes pay a lot more attention to (certain household) things that to them are more important. And sometimes, what she may see as a gentle reminder in a man’s mind equals nagging. From there comes the shutdown from their men and nothing ever gets resolved this way.

Therefore, ladies pick and choose your battles wisely. There are some things that you will have to let go (I know shock horror) and it is called compromise. And when a man is really looking to take things further he will definitely look at how you handle the things you consider being “so” important that you will continue to nag him until it is done. If this is how you approach everything in life that you want him to do shows lack of communication on your part. The little things will soon turn into bigger things and then things and once again he may shut down!

Where are your values?

If a woman is dead set on a set of values, she definitely needs to believe in them and hold them in high regard because it is something that she wants. Men will respect a woman that has and holds to her values, and not something she has heard in church, or discussed with friends, or seen someone else do to get a man. Women have to realize that every man she meets will be different in every and any way and therefore each relationship may have to be approached differently. However, there should be a set of core values that she wants from the relationship and the man in question but these core values need to be realistic and not idealistic.

You cannot have an exact equation in mind when you meet someone. It takes away from the true chemistry and joining of mind and spirit you get from someone who evidently is your soul mate. So separate the real values from the made-up ones and live by your own standards because they hold value and truth to you. The right man will definitely be there to respect and work with you towards that relationship harmony you both seek.

So, in summary…….? An independent yet nurturing women, that does not nag, is emotionally mature and will live by a set of values that she and she alone holds dear.



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