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In many ways, I would have been the most unlikely candidate for making Christian movies and running a blog about Christian relationships, dating, and marriage. Likewise, I would be the last one to be giving advice to men and women about expressing feelings, improving their communication, and shedding light on What Men Really Want and what is important to them.

But, how often God uses the least likely to do great and unexpected things…

This is my Past

I have been divorced 4 times. I lived a life of self-will and tried to fill my emptiness inside by having women around me all of the time. I considered myself a good father, but what my life was showing my kids about love and marriage is not what I wanted for them when they became adults. I was not setting a good example.

After my 4th divorce I felt like a complete failure. I felt I would never be able to keep a relationship that would last the rest of my life. I had never been a church person because I felt I would not fit in, and honestly, I was very ashamed of my inability to stay married. But, God was about to take me on a very unexpected journey…

Dealing with the Past

One night I was at the lowest point of my life, and in my brokenness I pleaded with God to tell why I kept failing at marriage. I didn’t know it at the time, but the Lord put me on a three-year path that would transform my life—I was to ask everyday people like myself for answers to my problems, and to film their responses.

With the love and help of the nearly 300 people I interviewed—including psychologists, ministers, and especially with the help of a Christian relationship coach- Trayce Pearson, I found and understood the deeper things of what I wanted in life, and relationships. I learned and put into practice new communication skills, learning how to express myself to the ones I love and learning why it is so important, and rewarding.

But with all of this, the real grace and truth came from me accepting and giving my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and getting involved in a church for previously unchurched people—like myself.

I was no longer who I was, my life was no longer what it was, and I now had a story to share with the world…

This is my Present

One thing that I discovered for myself while making What Men Really Want is that I want to make a difference with my life, and for me that ministry is OC Film Company.

While I am not pretending to be an expert about relationships, or claiming to fix anybody’s life through What Men Really Want or my blog alone, I do want to share with you what I have learned myself, and hope it starts conversations that strengthen relationships and provide understanding in areas that many struggle to graps. I will have real experts write for the blog as well, providing even more insight beyond the content of the film and the experiences of my own life.

Without doubt, we all have challenges at times with relationships, and I think it’s safe to say that, in some way, we all have been touched by a divorce or know someone that has. The secular world is inundated with information about relationships, and while a lot of it is excellent advice, some just doesn’t fit into my beliefs as a Christian, and leaves God and faith completely out of the picture. It only make sense that the Creator of life and relationships should be deeply involved in them! But how rarely the world considers this.

Our mission is to create entertaining and meaningful films that strengthen relationships and Glorify God and His Son. I hoping by selling DVDs I will be able to continue making movies that address the problems we all face in life, providing answers from a Biblical point of view.

Bill Collins
2 Corinthians 1:4 NIV
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