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Fighting for Hope, a documentary film, coming 2016
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Our new and upcoming documentary film, What Is Christian Dating?, goes to real people as well as experts in answers the question it asks — and much more! Understand dating from a Biblical point of view, how it’s different than conventional dating, why it works. Learn what makes a healthy relationship, the importance of a guarded heart, dating facts and myths, and understanding how love and respect can move to radically reshape every relationship you have in amazing ways. In a broken world, with broken ideas on love and dating relationships — getting back to what God created relationships to be in the first place is endlessly important — and the most critical of all, your relationship with Him! What did He intend THAT to look like, and why does it so dramatically affect every other relationship in your life? We’ll dig into these topics and many many more as we open up the whole topic for discussion with our cameras rolling.

Due out in 2015, this will certainly be a film worth the watch! Until then, be sure to connect with us here and at for all the lastest news, events, and sneak-peaks as they come.