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What is Gratitude?

November 25, 2013

What is Gratitude?

Life may be unfair for some but for those who have such a grateful heart, everything they experience always results in gratitude. People have different perspective about things. If you’d ask me, “what is gratitude?” I could describe it in my own words but still come up with the same definition as you do. Gratitude is the outcome of the grace of God. Though things could get messy in life, there’s always a brighter side to it. God in His ever sufficient grace always brings us to gratefulness no matter how twisted human nature is and no matter how insufficient we are.

What is Gratitude? Here are some of the ways in which gratitude is genuinely expressed:

Gratitude leads to change

What is GratitudeWe can be thankful to God for being redeemed and bought by Jesus’ blood but we can never express true gratitude without change. If we are truly grateful for what He has done for us then change should take place. We should be willing to do what He has called us to do and act in such a way that we are forever in debt to Him. Without being forgiven and won back through Jesus Christ our lives could have been a total mess. There would be no peace. But since we do, we should continually find ourselves changing for the better and living life for His glory.

Gratitude changes your perspective

When we are in need of something and we don’t get it right away, there is a sort of a common human nature response – sadness or even worse, resentment. We feel like our prayers are not being heard or that God has forgotten about us completely. But as always, God works perfectly in His own time and way. When He grants us the desire of our hearts, we should no longer dwell on the old feelings and misjudgments we had on Him. Our minds should be renewed and brought into a new perspective that contains the truth that God always knows what’s best. The next time we encounter the same problem, no matter how weighty it is, we should always stick to the new perspective.

Gratitude involves shouting out

While I don’t mean that it’s a requirement to literally shout out how thankful you are, when you are truly grateful for something then it should be expected that you don’t keep the happy feeling to yourself. It’s hard as impossible to contain it. It’s like when you fall in love and you just want to squeak so loudly how these butterflies in your stomach is making you feel like. That’s the same kind of enthusiastic response that should come out every time we ask ourselves, “what is gratitude?”.

It’s easy to say thank you to anyone who has done good things to us. When a friend spends time with us no matter how busy they are, we feel thankful. Our heartstrings are so touched that we can’t thank them enough especially when they were there right when we needed them. Saying thank you to a person’s generosity, selflessness and kindness is an act of gratefulness but it never stops there. In a relationship such as marriage, true gratitude brings out the best in you. And when it comes to your personal relationship with Christ, you just fall in love with Him all the more and gladly live out His purposes in your life. True gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It’s a verb. It’s an action word.

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