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What men really want from life?

February 20, 2014

What Men Really Want in LifeMen are somewhat simple creatures, and when it comes to what men really want from life their biggest want is peace. Time and time my husband has said this to me and it was not until recently that I truly understood what this meant, as for the first time in years, I came home and the kids were at my mothers and my husband was out with his boys. I did not have anything to do and the house was completely silent.

I instantly felt guilty. As I could not count how many times my husband had come through the door, with me yelling at the kids, and then the moment he was in ear shot I was yapping his ear off about everything that had happened to me for that day. This instantly made me feel guilty as although I may have felt better about offloading my day’s woes, I completely neglected his needs. The fact is, he may have worked as hard as or even more so than I did on these days. Yet I took his opportunity away from him.

At the end of the day, all men want peace in their home, and when there is no peace they will find other ways to get peace even if this is outside of the home. When there is so much going on around you the home should have pockets where both parties can go to for serenity, warmth, respect and familiarity. So try to choose your battles wisely. You do not have to bombard your man with every little thing that is bothering you. Also pick your time carefully, as females we tend to want to sort out an issue there and then. Sometimes men need the time to assess an issue before they address it.

Why not switch things up a bit when he comes through the door, he will appreciate you for it:
• Make sure that you start to really great each other when you both meet after a long work day. Take at least a minute to hold, kiss, hug, embrace or just breathe in each others presence before everything that you need to do for that night takes over.
• Allow your man at least five minutes to himself when he just comes through the door to unwind etc. If you have kids, also get them involved.
• Make a list of all the things you want to discuss (this can be in your head only) and pick and choose which ones are the most material. He does not need to hear everything about your office’s gossip!

Therefore, try to allow peace into your home and life. Keep continually praying for it. You may be pleasantly surprised, what men really want from life but it could improve your overall relationship!

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