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What Men Really Want from Women

February 24, 2014

What men really want from womenWhat Really Men want from women -meaningful and healthy relationships?

So what does having a real man wanting a meaningful and healthy relationship actually mean?

Well, have you ever tried dating online and the description of a potential mate has been really off putting? Somehow the words life-partner and sex appeal seem to crop up within the same sentence and you have swiftly moved onto the next profile, thinking “no, no, no”!  As much as we would like to excuse the shallow obvious with external appearances man women take it to heart and they do not feel beautiful enough or worthy enough of someone them deem to be more attractive than them. But they forget that when a real man wants a meaningful and healthy relationship with a woman, although sex appeal does not go completely out of the door, it is not as highly ranked as other attributes.

Check out the below qualities that contribute to a meaningful and healthy spiritual relationship:

Confidence is always endearing in a woman

Women do not give confidence enough credit. A woman that can command attention, not just for her looks will project her inner beauty and strength. Within itself confidence protrudes an engaging presence that individuals will love to be around. If you are confident within yourself, you know your value and your true worth. You do not let others, status or a relationship define who you are. You are completely at ease standing by yourself or within a crowd and knows how deep rooted her faith is in Christ. There is absolutely no need to flirt or flaunt yourself for attention, as a real man will be fascinated by who you are and not what you may have to offer him.

What exactly does beauty mean?

Of course most men will tell you that they need to feel some type of attraction towards their partner. However, what is beauty is often misinterpreted by a lot of women. Beauty is not picking up a magazine and comparing your body or looks to another women (which most likely has been digitally modified). God has made everything beautiful in its time and for those men that want a meaningful relationship you might be surprised at how deep their attraction goes for the women of their dreams. Beauty is definitely defined by so much more than any physical appearance. You’re inside counts as much as you’re outside. True beauty cannot be enhanced or made up and a woman that radiates compassion, kindness, love, humor, gentleness and joy is just as special.

The difference between a passionate woman and an emotional woman

Men will always flock towards a woman that is passionate than one that is too emotional. We all know that emotions are a part of everyday life; however, time and time again many studies have shown that it is the woman who is more emotionally driven than her male counterparts. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not really, provided that it is in moderation and I does not take over your entire life. There needs to be balance in ones relationship for you to be able to operate successfully. As much as it is hard to fathom, but feelings alone should never be the only thing that drives decision making in the relationship. A passionate woman will have a zest for life and will invest her heart and soul in things that are meaningful to her. A passionate woman will have goals, dreams and values. Therefore, they thoroughly understand the importance of grace, mercy, forgiveness and charity.

Women, whether you want to admit it or not, it is definitely time to start redefining the qualities you think a man looks for in you. Meaningful and healthy relationships are what men really want from women and this means that you need to be confident, understand the importance of inner and outer beauty and allow passions to drive you more so than your emotions.

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