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Why Is Respect So Important To Men

November 20, 2013

Why Is Respect So Important To Men

Love and Respect for MenBeing loved is something that men and women desire to have. But when it comes to men why is respect so important to men? The demand for respect is much greater than for women. While some people, even men, still get confused sometimes about the difference between love and respect, marital conflicts have shown it in countless ways how respect is highly important over love for men. There’s something in respect that brings out the best in men and brings them down in the absence of it.

“Why is respect so important to men?” – this is a question that’s easy to ask but hard to answer. We’ve tried asking a lot of men why they want respect and we always get the same answer. Some would say, it’s a hard question and they haven’t really thought through about the WHY part of it. But they surely know that it’s what they want and that it has good effects on them.

Let’s look at a couple of reasons why is respect  so important to men:

It encourages me
It feels good
It makes me feel valued
It helps me exercise my role as a husband or as a man
It makes me want to become more responsible
It gives me the push that I need to achieve bigger things
It will enable me to respect others too
It helps me be at the best of my abilities
It makes me want to do things no matter how hard they could be just as long as they make my wife or my family happy
It enables me to strive harder to correct my mistakes and to be better at things that I’m not good at

These are just some of the countless good reasons why men think that respect is important for them. It does some sort of a magical boost in their manhood and drives them to fully portray their God-given design. For a man who feels respected, there is no hard, impossible or too tough a thing that they couldn’t conquer. Anything can become possible for a man who feels respected especially by their wife. To get that kind of support and response for the authority that God has placed in their head and hands is incomparable for them. Their value and strength becomes so highlighted that they function in a healthy way in the environment, in situations and most of all in marriage.

To the wives reading this blog, respecting your husband is a priceless thing for them. If you find it hard to respect your spouse, ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help you change and become the woman that you should be to them. Nothing is impossible for Him. You For the husbands, if you don’t feel respected by your wife. Ask the Lord to help her change and for you to love her as Christ loves the church.

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